About Us in Elko

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Ruby Mountain Chiropractic Center in Elko was established in 1999. Based on a love for the outdoors Elko is a natural fit for us. We love the small-town feel where we can connect with people at the most personal level. We knew Elko was a working-class community and established a practice to fulfill a need to keep people healthy and working strong. Our philosophy is that God created us to connect in relationships and experience life. We live in a day and age where stress from a chemical, physical, or even emotional source will keep people from experiencing and connecting. A healthier body will resist stress better allowing people to connect and experience life in an enhanced way.

Our Mission Statement

“Enhancing Your Life Experience” and we do this by “serving people”

Our Values Are Simple in Elko

  • The body has a God-given ability to heal when provided with the right environment.
  • Health is a journey, it is dynamic and demands constant attention.
  • Health is multifactorial and is influenced by our environment.
  • We are here to serve people and feel that there is no higher calling.
  • We value patients and staff as they are the most valuable aspect of what we do. We cherish the opportunity to be involved in both of their lives.
  • We will continue to bring the most scientific chiropractic techniques, therapy, and lifestyle medicine together in one place for benefit of the patient.

Our Ideal Patient

The ideal patient is at a point of change in their life. There is an open, willing to explore a different way of living.

The Most Frequently Asked Question by New Patients

“Can chiropractic care help me?” More than likely, yes. The majority (90+%) of all pain complaints are related to the musculoskeletal system and due to a myriad of stress we put on the body. Chiropractic care helps better the body’s adaptation to stress and for the majority will relieve the symptoms. Find out “What Our Patients Say.”

Find a Healthier, More Natural Way of Living

We would like to see a utopia of healthy people experiencing life, free from physical ailments, that rely on food as a source of medicine. We knew chiropractic was our platform to connect and build relationships with people. Chiropractic is a lifestyle that takes years to understand and through these relationships, we hope to lead many into a healthier and more natural way of living while building lifelong relationships Sound interesting? Please contact us today to make an appointment.

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Ruby Mountain Chiropractic Center

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